As many of my recent posts reveal I went through a heavy metal chelation process that lasted six months.  Along the way, I’ve summarized different aspects of my journey in hopes that these posts might be helpful to you.  As I find additional resources, I’ll add them here.  And if you do, please leave a comment on one of the posts with your suggestion.

My back story leading up to chelation and symptoms of lead and mercury poisoning

In the Middle of the Chelation Process – How to Cope

6 Tips for a Successful Chelation, De-Tox or Cleanse

Success! My Amazing Results from Chelation


2 Responses to Chelation

  1. I would love to know how much DMSA you took on your days on. My doctor has prescribed 3x 250mg a day for 2 days. I am a little weary of taking such a big dose at once when Andy Cutler’s protocol is only taking 25mg every 3 hours.

    • Lisa, I will go back thru my records and get back to you soon. May take me a few days…. Thanks…. Wishing you well…Heidi

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