Green Smoothies

vitamix greens photoThe key with green smoothies is….taking baby steps!  If you or your loved ones are not used to the slightly bitter taste of raw greens, then you’ll want to go slow and adjust your portions over time or start with a really mild green like spinach vs. kale.  These are our favorite green smoothie recipes.  Once you get the hang of these, venture out on your own…just keep in mind these three things:

  • Make sure you start with at least 1 cup of liquid.  My favorite is coconut water, but you could use a non-dairy milk, OJ or just filtered water.
  • Always add some sweetness to a green smoothie.  My favorite fruit additions are pineapple, mango and peaches.  If you really want to disguise the green, use blueberries or blackberries and they won’t know they’re drinking kale!
  • Don’t forget the protein!  Look for a non-GMO protein powder.  I like Vega brand and PlantFusion.  Also, ground flax seed or chia seeds are great add-ins as well.

Green Smoothie Recipes

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