In addition to teaching yoga and running my business, I’ve been a self-proclaimed wellness junkie for many years – always willing to try a new holistic discipline or the latest superfood to improve my health, feel better, you name it.

Each week, I’ll test out a new product, service, regimen in the wellness world and tell you all about it.  Each post will share the key points, my experience (good, bad but definitely honest) and how you can learn more if you want to. So far, I’m thinking about things like raw food diet, goji berries, full body cleanse, NAET, acupuncture, lomi lomi massage, hot yoga and who knows what else… if you have ideas, let me know…

better get started…

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  1. Well, well….congrats to the wellness junkie for professsing her addiction to the world! This is a great idea and we’ll all look forward to future updates and experimentations!

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