Mom-to-be Shares her Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

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Meet Carrie Putman, 41, married, entrepreneur and expecting her first baby…congrats!

This week’s Wellness Junkie, Carrie with her Veggies & Chocolate Shake

Describe your eating and wellness habits before we met.

Well, I never exercised.  I drank big Starbucks drinks every day.  We ate out about 5-6 times a week.  A healthy meal at home was pasta with Ragu.  I had to have my gall bladder removed and I had really bad digestive problems, mostly constipation.  Overall, I just didn’t feel great.

What prompted you to seek out a healthier lifestyle?

I had been wanting to make a change for the last eight years, but didn’t really know how to cook and it just didn’t seem easy.  Growing up, a “healthy” meal was McDonalds… Walking into Trader Joes or Whole Foods, I was embarrassed and overwhelmed.  I didn’t know where to start. Then, I met you at the dog park and we started talking more about wellness…

How did you get started?

Purchasing the Vitamix Blender was really the first step that I took and it was life-changing. It was an investment, but I was able to purchase a refurbished one to save some money and received free shipping through Wellness Junkie.  Having a shake every day with fruits and vegetables has made it easy to get whole food nutrition in my body.  This way, I know that I’m getting a daily dose of kale and other veggies every day.   I also drink a ton more water than I used to.  I changed out all of the beauty products that I put on my body, such as lotions, soaps and shampoos to more natural, organic products free of chemicals and other toxins.

So, what’s changed about your life since making these changes?

Well, I’m expecting!  I’ve been with my husband 18 years and had never conceived.  We were always told everything was fine – but had never gotten pregnant.  We’re just thrilled…and super excited to raise our baby on whole foods from the very beginning of her life.  Also, my energy levels and digestion are great and I’m not on any medication.  I’m walking twice a day with our dogs and doing yoga regularly.

What would you tell someone who’s contemplating a healthier lifestyle but they’re not sure how to do it?

I really think investing in the Vitamix gave me momentum and made it so easy.  Initially, when we went to the grocery stores together and you pointed out different foods to try and showed me what to put together for meals, it was so helpful…so finding someone who’s already made those changes and learning from them works well too.  Also, surround yourself with like-minded people who you can share ideas and recipes with.  And, it really helps to be organized for meal planning…have a plan before you go to the store for meals that week.

Any final words of advice?

For those that think they have to give up their favorite foods and do without, you really don’t.  You can have the flavors that you love – just in a different format.  I really like chocolate so instead of candy bars, I have cocoa powder or chocolate almond milk in my daily shake with kale and other veggies.  Or instead of buying a store bought cake, I choose the one at the farmer’s market with only five ingredients.  You can eat what you love, just in a different and better way.

Check back with us on Friday for Carrie’s Daily Dose of Chocolate Shake…(yum!)

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